31st August 2015 (weekly weigh in- slightly late)

Cake. Rice. Bread. Crisps. This week’s been the whole lot. ;-; So much has happened in the past week from a wedding to other celebrations, so I’ve really slipped up this week and weighed in at 57.4 kg. Which is a gain of 0.4 kg. I’m happy that I let myself celebrate, but at the same time I do feel that if I don’t get myself together I’ll undo what I’ve done.

This week I started to work with calorie counting and for some reason I always tend to work better without it. So I’ll focus this week on getting back into the swing of things.

My goal is to be at 56.7kg by the end of the week, as some of the weight is probably water weight. I’m disappointed that I let myself get off track. But at the same time I had a similar problem earlier and managed to get over it. So on the one hand if I managed to lose weight since then, if I buckle down I’ll be able to do it  again. But on the other, if I let it happen again in only one month, maybe I should think over why it hasn’t worked for me…

I think I’ll make a blog post on Friday to catch up on what I’m doing and make sure I’m holding myself accountable.

Stay healthy 😉 And remember that health and fitness is a journey~


Skipping – Adidas Originals

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skipping Topshop Adidas oncebyalysskipping Topshop Adidas oncebyalysskipping Topshop Adidas oncebyalysSkipping is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up in small spaces or when you can’t get in a run or only have 5-10 minutes to spare in your days but need a pick me up!
Options to try:

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Options to try:

Normal Skipping-

Solo short rope skipping or with a longer rope and mates like the old school yard. Both are great fun and really good exercise.

Tabata skipping-

Tabata comes from the man who invented it – Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese physician. He conducted a study using an interval based training model. 20/10 means 20 seconds of all-out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This adds up to four minutes total. Repeated 6-8 times for a max workout of 4 mins.

Double under’s-

According to Skipping Rope in Wikipedia, double unders are performed when, the participant needs to jump up higher than usual while swinging…

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24th August 2015 (weekly weigh in)

This week has been really on track. 😀 I’m really comfortably getting into the swing of eating properly and having proper portion sizes. I’ve weighed in today at 57 kg- I do weigh myself in the morning as this is the time where your weight is most constant. I do feel like I’ve been having too many sugary things P:

So I’ll be so happy to reach the 56’s by next week. My target by next week is to be at 56.5kg hopefully. I’ll see how it goes. I’ve carried on doing skipping as cardio and 20 minutes of blogilates a day 🙂

On I go….

SECOND WEIGH IN- 20th August 2015

It’s been a month since I started my official blog weigh in, and I’ve weighed in at 57.4 kg. So I haven’t met my goal of 56.2 kg. I’ve lost 2.5 cm on my waist. I’m not really disappointed about the fact that I haven’t met my goal, although it would have been better if I did. I had 2 weeks which weren’t healthy, and I gained a little weight, so I’m glad that overall I’m moving towards the right direction.

I aimed to lose 4% of my weight (2.3 kg) and lost 1.88% (1.1 kg). I feel like I’m definitely more prepared for healthy eating for this month though. I considered maybe trying to lose 3% for the next month, but I think I’ll again try to keep to 4%, because my studies will start a day after the challenge ends, and because it’s not a challenge for no reason ;).

In terms of exercise, I’ll carry on doing the Blogilates calender with 20 minutes of skipping. I think the reason I didn’t stick to the clean eating challenge was because of how restrictive it was for me (I still ate healthy mostly), so I’ve decided a challenge for the next week- to fill half my plate with vegetables. For liquids (e.g. soups, porridge), I’d need to eat an equal amount of vegetables. I’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Second Phase

My current weight- 20th August 2015: 57.4 kg.

Goal weight- 20th September 2015: 55.1 kg.

I’m definitely motivated for the next month- it’s the last month I have before my studies kick in and I become busier.

Weekly goal:

-Lose around 0.6 kg weekly

-Fill half plate with vegetables

17th August 2015 (weekly weigh in)

Only 3 more days until my second weigh in :D. This week has been a mixture of sorts. I didn’t keep to the challenges as I got my results, and did well, so of course me and my family celebrated- and I don’t see why my diet should stop me celebrating ;). So I didn’t keep to the clean eating challenge. I have tried to eat healthily though, and control my portion sizes again since my last two weeks were bad (I ended up gaining weight). I kept to my target of not eating after 7, and on some days the one on sleeping before 11.

So in terms of last week’s targets, I did quite badly, but I’ve definitely cleaned up my diet, and weighed in at 57.5kg. So I met my weekly goal.

I’ve been trying to stick more to cardio and HIIT training this week, although I have been doing some pilates. I plan on carrying on this way, with mainly cardio, and maybe a ten minute video of pilates everyday (at least five days a week) until the September blogilates calender is uploaded. I’ve been considering doing the 2013 sweatember calender, as it is more geared towards weight loss, and because my studies will be starting soon, I don’t want to be doing both a calender and personal cardio:

Overall I’m quite happy with this week. it wasn’t perfect, but I’m definitely on the right track.

To have lost 4% by the 20th, I needed to be at a weight of 56.2kg.Obviously I can’t healthily reach that by Thursday. My goal for Thursday is therefore 57.2kg.

10th August 2015 (weekly weigh in)

So this is my fourth weigh in. “:) I’ve actually missed the other one simply because I forgot. And I think the lack of accountability has had it’s effect- because I’ve actually gained weight. I weighed in at 58.3kg. I think my main problem this week was having too many carbs (rice, bread) and eating too late. My exercise was fine. So I think rather than trying to have a prefect diet immediately, only to fail because it was too ambitious, I’ll try to set weekly targets for diet, and see if I can keep them by the end of the week.

This weekly target is:

I’ll see if I’ve kept to these targets by next weigh-in.:0 And my target for next week is 57.7kg. I know I’ve gained weight this week, but I guess we all fall off track sometimes, and it’s important not to let it discourage us, and move on. And I have to say I’m excited to follow the challenge set by Scola Dondo, especially as there’re many people doing it.

Keep healthy~~~~

27th July 2015 (weekly weigh in)

Not a very good week for me. I got invited to a few gatherings, which led to me eating a lot of food for the first couple of days, but I begun to get it together during the last few days. I’ve been following the blogilates July calender, and I do feel like I’m getting slimmer after the first week already.

I weighed in this morning at 58kg, so I haven’t met my goal of 57.9kg D:, which means this week i need to lose 0.7kg and be 57.3kg I hope 😀 I think maybe I should do a daily blog as I feel I would be more accountable like that.

FIRST WEIGH IN- 20th July 2015

Today’s my first day of my weightloss journey which will hopefully lead to lifelong changes. I ate a few algerian biscuits today, but Eid just finished so.. ;P

So I’ve weighed in at 58.5kg. If I want to lose 4% of my weight by 20th August, I need to reach 56.2kg by then. Which means I need to lose roughly 0.6kg per week. I’ll see how that goes for me next week. 🙂

An Algerian Embarks on a Journey

The new years of 2015 a British Algerian 17 year old student made her New Years Resolution: to Lose Weight and Get Fit. Yes. I did write that in capitals. Because it’s not the first time she said it. She said it the year before. And the year before that. And that one too. And that one…

In fact it was my 7th New Years Resolution to Lose Weight and Get Fit. It wasn’t even a new Year Resolution. It was a daily resolution.

But hey! They say 7 is a lucky number, and I have managed to lose some weight. 🙂 I began at 64 kg, and am now at 59.5ish kg. It took me 7 months to achieve that bearing in mind the exams I had at the time, so I am quite happy. But I want to make sure that this 7th year I made that resolution will be the year I keep to it. :D:D:D:D

So I’ve decided to start a blog taking you with me on my journey to fitness. I’m 152cm, and 18 now, so I aim to be at 50-53 kg by the end of the year. My official first weigh-in will start on 20/07/2015, and each month I’ll try to lose 4% of my body weight, and my weigh-ins will be weekly insha’Allah. 🙂 The main reason I started this blog is to make myself accountable and, hopefully when it works, to inspire :D:D:D:D

First real blog in 3 days’ time.

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